Ahhh! Book Fair Day! You remember it. You miss it. We are here to re-live it.


The Tiny Book Fair is a celebration for book writers, book readers, and book lovers of all ages. 


Get ready for writing workshops, author readings, surprise celebrity guests, and a musical performance. 


It's completely free. It's fun and uplifting. It's online. You can attend from anywhere in the world. Get ready for nostalgic book fair vibes that will make you feel like a kid again.


Sign up today and we'll email you instructions on how to watch and participate. 



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Welcome to the Tiny Book Fair! 
with Alexandra Franzen and Lindsey Smith

Your hosts, Alexandra Franzen and Lindsey Smith welcome you to the Tiny Book Fair! They each share their favorite memory of book fairs growing up and share a bit about the day!

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"Role Models Who Look Like Me"
A reading by Jasmine Cho

Jasmine M. Cho is a Pittsburgh-based artist, author, and cookie activist most known for using portrait cookies to elevate representation for Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders. She is also a Food Network Champion (“Christmas Cookie Challenge” Season 3, Episode 8) and the Founder of Yummyholic.

She will be reading her book, Role Models Who Look Like Me Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders Who Made History

Embrace Your Power and Magic
with Peachie Wimbush-Polk

Peachie Wimbush-Polk is the creator of Embrace Your Power & Magic Card Deck and is a contributing author of Meeting at the Table: African-American Women Write On Race, Culture and Community. She is also a U.S. Air Force veteran, a fairy godmother, a wife, teacher, closet comedian, and life coach. She is the mother to her children LaLa and Cameron, better known to his fans as Wiz Khalifa. Her favorite role to date is being “OG” to her grandson, Sebastian. 

Peachie will be reading an excerpt from Meeting at the Table titled, "Doo Wop VERZUZ Hip Hop" and will also be doing a card reading.

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Zodiac Love Letters:
Creative Inspiration for Each Astrological Sign
with Heidi Rose Robbins

Heidi wrote 12 tiny astrology books last year—Zodiac Love Letters.  In them she explored the strengths and brilliance of each sign.

In this talk, Heidi will offer the unique creative strength inherent in the 12 astrological signs and how the qualities of your Sun, Moon and Rising sign

could help you get inspired, cultivate and offer your gift. 

Performance and Q&A 
with Kayleigh Goldsworthy

Kayleigh Goldsworthy is a multi-instrumentalist and singer/songwriter working within the music industry for over 2 decades. Her first band, The Scarlet Ending, was formed in 2000 in her hometown of Syracuse, NY, and toured extensively with USO and Armed Forces Entertainment to deployed troops all over the world during their 10 years. Featured in Chuck Ragan's Revival Tour in 2012, she released her first solo record, "Burrower," in November of 2013. After its release, she joined Harvest Records' "Young & Sick" as an auxiliary touring musician, playing domestic and international tours and festivals, and then joining up with Revival Tour veteran Dave Hause to play in his band, The Mermaid. She has since released another solo EP, "All These Miles" in 2018, and toured as an auxiliary member of Bayside, Frank Iero and the Future Violents, and opened for Frank Turner's North American tour in 2019. Goldsworthy has been working on another follow-up record to be released by the end of 2021, and her music has been featured on MTV, Vh1, and WB television shows. 

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How to Write a Book When You Have No Time to Write a Book
with Alexandra Franzen and Lindsey Smith

You dream about writing a book.

There’s just one little problem.

Your life is crazy busy.

Between work, family, running your household, and trying to be a wonderful friend / sibling / spouse / partner / activist / everything else, there’s just not much time left.

So, is it possible to write a book…when you have almost zero free time?


Come to this free class and find out how it’s done!



Amparo Millan.png

Amparo Millán
Author of Cómo tomar decisiones difíciles

Amy Busch.png

Amy Busch
Author of Permission to Grieve: A Journey from Sibling Loss to Restored Hope

Anna Pugacova..png

Anna Pugacova
Author of The Bliss Point of Entrepreneurship

Ashley Looker.png

Ashley Looker
Author of Slow The Fuck Down: 30 Reasons Why Your Joy Matters More Than Your To Do List

Billi Miller.png

Billi J. Miller
Author of Bubbles Took a Trip: A Mostly True Tale About an Adventurous Dog from the Canadian Prairies

Carol Cross.png

Carol Cross
Author of Love, Santa:  Letters with Life Lessons from the North Pole

Carol Nissen.png

Carol Nissen
Author of The Idea System: A Simple Process to Help Children Find Success in Their Days

 Carolina Ayala-Velasquez.png

Carolina Ayala
Author of Healing While Hurting poetry and reflections

 Chérine Kurdi.png

Chérine Kurdi
Author of Do What Lights You Up


Author of Désir

Claudia Olive.png

Claudia Olivié
Author of On Finding Ease in Difficult Times

Clémence Partouche-Ceyrac.png

Clémence Partouche-Ceyrac
Author of Petit guide de survie à l'usage des (futures) mères et de leur carrière

Desiree Sher.png

Desiree Sher
Author of Radical Inner Peace

Fiona Jefferies.png

Fiona Jefferies
Author of Life Advice from a Snarky Scorpio and A Small Book About Suicide

Gina Davis, PsyD.png

Gina Davis, PsyD.
Author of After the Acceptance Letter: Seven Healthy Mindsets for Emotional Wellness in College

Heather Anderson.png

Heather Anderson
Author of Liar Liar Heart On Fire

Jenjii Hysten.png

Jenjii Faith
Author of Beyond A Hashtag: The Spirit, Heart & Love of Black Men

Jodi Scott.png

Jodi Scott
Author of JOY PIE - 8 Simple Ingredients For Manifesting A Sweeter Life

Julie Neale.png

Julie Neale
Author of Mother's Quest Inspiration Guide vol.1 Engage

Kayla Floyd.png

Kayla Floyd
Author of Wondrous You: Empowering Poems for Magical Kids, Wondrous You: The Coloring Book, and Joyful Mornings: Mindful Poems for Inviting Happy Days

Kellita Maloof.png

Kellita Maloof
Author of How To Create A Burlesque Solo ... From The Inside Out


Author of 50 Questions to Answer When You Reach 50. A guide to help women shine and thrive in their 50s and beyond.

Leslie Tagorda.png

Leslie Tagorda
Author of Star Powered Brand

Lisa Van Ahn.png

Lisa Van Ahn
Author of 17- Poems for a Pandemic/Essays for Quarantine

Love, Bobbie Jo.png

Love, Bobbie Jo
Author of I Just Want To Be Me, and Claim Your Stage

Lyndsey Oliver.png

Lyndsey Oliver
Author of Why All Fish are Biased and How to Tackle Prejudice

Mandi Kane.png

Mandi Kane
Author of So, You F*cked Up: A Pep Talk for When You've Made a Mistake

Mandy Kubicek.png

Mandy Kubicek
Author of My Tender Loving Self-Care Journal: The Workbook that Makes Self-Care Easy

Marianne Talkovski.png

Mariane Talkovski
Author of 28 Secrets To Glow Up

Marissa Knox.png

Marissa Knox
Author of g.r.a.c.e. and possibility: a practice for remembering, nourishing, and resting in what is most important

Mary Burnett Brown
Author of The Book Of Divine Love: Heart Opening Poems

Marty Cowan.png

Marty Cowan
Author of Table to Trail

Mayuri Amarnath.png

Mayuri Amarnath
Author of Dancing the Navaratri Nights

Mary Brown.png
Meghan Rosko.png

Meghan Rosko
Author of Bumper Bees

Melanie BARRETT.png

Melanie Barrett
Author of How to Make Working From Home-Work

Melissa Rae.png

Melissa Pennel
Author of Questions You’ll Wish You Asked: A Time Capsule Journal for Mothers and Daughters

Michele Sammons.png

Michele Sammons
Author of The Little Book of Big Knowing

Pat Pack.png

Pat Pack
Author of  Patterns From My Heart - Memories, Muses, and Miracles.  Life seen through the lens of an eighty-year-old grandmother.

Paula Jenkins.png

Paula Jenkins
Author of Jump Start Your Joy: Heart-Centered Ways to Find Joy in the Messy Middle

Peggy Oliveria
Author of Deeply Rooted: Mindful Practices for Cultivating Self-Compassion, Self-Acceptance & Healing

Peggy Oliveira.png
Pleasance Silicki.png

Pleasance Silicki
Author of Little Little: Love Letters on Weaving Ayurvedic Wisdom Into Everyday Life

c.Rene Washington.png

René Washington
Author of Take The Trip! 4 Journeys Every Woman Needs To Live In Purpose and Freedom

Robyn Wolfe
Author of From Here to Everywhere

Robyn Wolfe.png
Steph Simkins.png

Steph Simkins
Author of Mom Break: Pep Talks for New Parents

Tiny Book Fair Author Frames_44.png

Stéphanie McGuirt
Author of Play: Simple & Creative Activities to Inspire and Engage

Suzy Rosenstein
Author of 50 Ways to Celebrate Life after 50: Get Unstuck, Avoid Regrets and Live Your Best Life

Tonya Allen.png

Tonya Hill Allen
Author of Diane's Heart: Transforming Loss to Purpose and Legacy

 Vijayalakshmi Natarajan.png

Vijayalakshmi Natarajan
Author of Tending to You Garden: How Ayurveda Can Support A Thriving Pregnancy

Suzy Rosenstein.png


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